Different Symptoms Associated with Back Pain

Different Symptoms Associated with Back Pain

Back pain symptoms can vary depending upon what part of the back is injured. Many people are familiar with the pain that comes along with a lower back strain. Upper back pain symptoms may be attributed to neck injuries. Back pain can indicate a serious problem with one's spine.

Lower Back Pain

Symptoms of lower back pain include pain and stiffness in the back. Pain may also be present in the buttocks, legs and thighs. Pain is known to worsen when stretching and bending. This type of pain is typically due to straining the lower back. This can happen when people pick up or carry heavy items improperly. Lifting with one's legs is a great way to avoid lower back strain.

Sciatic Symptoms

Symptoms that occur from sciatic nerve problems typically include numbness, weakness, burning and tingling. The pain may begin in the lower back and travel down the leg. Typically, one side of the body is affected. Pain can be mild to severe. Severe symptoms can include loss of bladder and bowel control

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can present for a variety of reasons. Neck injuries can certainly contribute to upper back pain. The symptoms that one experiences are often dependent upon the type of injury that has occurred. Some people will have localized, sharp pain. Other people may have stiffness and a more general feeling of pain.

Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain can also present in a variety of ways. Some people may report radiating pain. Other people have reported severe muscle spasms. A doctor will likely perform a variety of tests to determine what's going on with the back. The doctor may also ask a patient to bend down, cough and stretch. Once the injury or problem is identified, a doctor can begin to treat the pain.

When the Back Hurts at Night

Nocturnal back pain is a problem for many people. It can indicate a variety of problems with the spine and back structures. It's important to address any symptoms of nocturnal back pain with a physician. Nocturnal back pain can indicate a problem with the spinal discs too. Many people who have disc degeneration feel fine during the day. There may also be small fractures in the spine. If back pain presents after a car accident, it's important to contact a doctor immediately. There are treatment options available.