Backache to Chronic Back Pain in One Simple Step

Back Pain

How can you go from backache to chronic back pain in one simple step? Understanding this will help you avoid chronic back pain and even know how to ease your backache now.

First you need to realize that back pain is caused by 4 main factors. You have muscles that are tight, muscles that are weak, joints not moving correctly and a pelvis out of balance. Sure there are other minor factors involved, but these are the main four.

You also must understand that these are only the physical factors. The reason these occur is that your day to day life overloads your body and these factors build. You have general health issues and stress issues that allow your muscles and joints to tire and tighten.

I know this may sound complex and almost impossible to change, but it isn't. Avoiding chronic back pain is easy. Removing backache is just as easy. All you need to be aware of is the pitfalls to avoid.

Onto the one step from backache to chronic back pain…

The step is simple; all you need to do is nothing. That's right nothing.

If you do nothing about your backache, or only deal with the symptoms of backache, it will either remain or return. This process then creates your chronic back pain.

You may be a bit annoyed right now; after all surely this is a big con. But it is actually true. If you do not completely and totally fix your backache, if you only ever use symptomatic type treatment, your backache will become chronic back pain.

How can you avoid this?

Simple. You need to address the 4 main factors that create your backache, that lead to chronic back pain. You need to effectively stretch tight muscles, you need to stimulate the nerve and blood supply to weak muscles and then exercise them. You need to learn self adjustive techniques to get your joints moving correctly. Finally you need to rebalance your pelvis.

Complete all these tasks and your backache will disappear. Even if you have chronic back pain, doing this will also make it disappear… totally and completely.

The statistics are frightening - over 80% of adults suffer from back pain at some stage, more than 7% of adults have back pain right now, and over 90% of back pain becomes chronic as time goes by. Yet this can all be stopped by you taking action.