Finding Therapies for Backaches

Chronic Pain

Symptoms of Spinal Discomfort

Individuals experiencing back pain may have symptoms in different regions of the spine. Spinal discomfort can originate in the joints, nerves, bones and muscles from the neck to the tailbone. Individuals may feel chronic discomfort throughout the lumbar region that causes a burning, piercing or dull sensation. In addition to feeling discomfort in various regions of the spine, an individual may have numbness, weakness and tingling in other regions of the body. The radiating discomfort from spinal conditions can also affect the feet, legs, arms and hands. Because the spinal column contains a system of intertwining ligaments, muscles, joints and nerves, individuals often have chronic discomfort throughout the body that originates in the back.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Scheduling a complete examination with a physician specializing in structures of the spine is vital for understanding the cause of an individual's chronic back pain. A patient will require medical imagining tests to find the exact location of inflamed tissue, damaged joints or pinched nerves. Chronic health conditions of the spinal column last at least three months in various regions of the back such as the tailbone, neck or other areas. Physicians will need to know the patient's medical history that led to discomfort in the spine such as experiencing muscle strains due to heavy lifting, automobile accidents, arthritic conditions or other diseases. Finding the exact cause of a patient's discomfort may require time because the spinal column and nearby regions are complex.

Appropriate Back Pain Relief

There are several types of back pain treatments available for chronic discomfort. A physician will recommend over-the-counter or prescription medications such as muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce discomfort allowing a patient to participate in other therapies. Physical therapy including ice or moist heat packs can eliminate painful muscle spasms. Increasing physical movement through specific exercise targeting the spinal column that stretches and strengthens muscles can also reduce discomfort.

Alternative Back Pain Treatments

Many individuals visit chiropractors, acupuncturists or massage therapists for alternative back pain treatments. A chiropractor will manipulate a client's spine to perform adjustment techniques that relieve pinched nerves in the joints. Acupuncturists insert thin sterilized needles in specific regions on an individual's body such as the neck, legs or arms to eliminate pain that radiates from the spinal column. Many individuals feel back pain relief from regular deep tissue massage therapies.